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All arms and legs like a demented praying mantis, or bouncing around like a lunatic Peter Fernance manages to pull off the impossible moves of Garrett and Neeson while somehow managing to take you back to the classic days of the 70s and 80s of the Oils and Angels in their heyday

Midnight Oil Tribute Show

An absolute giant in Aus rock history, Chrissie Amphlett is brought to life by the amazing performance of Emily Johnson. Sexy, sensual and at times out of control, Emily recreates Chrissie perfectly ... pouting and snarling her way through a night of classics hits

All of the powerhouse sounds of legends such as Rick Brewster, Martin Rotsey and Mark Mcentee are executed by a guitar god in his own right ... guitar slinger Simon Gardner. Simon has the mammoth task of bringing to life three legends of rock, and he does it with a style all his own 

Angels Tribute Show

What do all three of these iconic Aus rock bands have in common? .. a powerful engine, growling and dynamic with a touch of finesse. Jim Cowling has studied the styles of the best of the best, and lays down the beat so perfectly you could close your eyes and be transported back to when rock was rock

What do you do when you need a multi instrumentalist that is as equally amazing on guitar as he is on keyboards. Throw in a healthy lashing of backing vocals and you have the makings of the talented Chris Yates. His style is effortless yet so convincing that it belies his tender age

The driving force of the engine room needs large slabs of bottom end, delicately balanced with skill and speed, all topped off with an attitude you just can't teach. Behind the warrior like facade lies a skilled technician that has to be heard to be believed. Luke Nepia delivers it all

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